Calgary Healthy Families Collaborative (CHFC) is committed to providing extensive training to Program staff. Healthy Families America, Great Kid Inc, Invest in Kids, Prevent Child Abuse America and the World Healthy Organization have all declared that a key element of effective home visitation programs is providing all program staff with intensive training specific to their role. Through a coordinated effort from expertise within the CHFC and in the community all new home visitors and supervisors are provided 80 hours of training using the curriculum from Invest In Kids with additions from the curriculum from Great Kids Inc. The training provides a comprehensive curriculum that addresses early childhood development, parenting, relationship building, attachment, child healthy and safety, personal safety etc. The focuses on building the knowledge and skills of home visitors.

Our Home Visitors are seen as extremely competent and well trained as a result of the training we have raised our ability to provide more effective service to families and increased our credibility in the community. Further training focuses on areas seen as impacting and informing practice.