What do parents say about Calgary Healthy Families Program?

"My Home Visitor was someone I could talk to, in my own home. She helped me to calm down, she supported me and showed me resources I could use. She helped me with Post Partum Depression, with anger and to be a better problem solver."

"My confidence as a parent has grown and I feel confident in handling present/future milestones with my child. I will miss having the support and company."

"I learned a lot from my Home Visitor. She was someone to talk to that never judged me. My Home Visitor provided resources and information that was previously unknown to me. Now I am more positive and have more confidence in meeting the needs of my child."

" My home visitor was a kind, patient thoughtful person. She teaches us a lot of very useful information which we have been using daily or regularly. I would highly recommend this Program to other families who are in need."

"My Home Visitor gave me important information and reassurance. I was able to ask her questions I had. She showed me outside resources and I learned about community groups and courses. She gave me many ideas to be a better parent and helped me set goals for myself."

" My Home Visitor not just shares information, but also helps find a solution. It helps me to have a better relationship with my husband and relieve my depression. I received a lot of information on the baby's growing and development, community resources, positive discipline, parenting skills in Canada, vaccines etc."

"The program doesn't just help moms, but it helps family members too. The Home Visitor helps moms to understand things by taking the time to explain."