Home Visitors

Qualifications and Experience

All of the Calgary Healthy Families Program’s Home Visitors are qualified and experienced with providing support to families and their children. All of the Home Visitors have extensive training in the area of child development, positive parenting, healthy family functioning, strong community connections, etc. Throughout the year continual mandatory training occurs, focusing on current practices in home visitation.

What Can a Home Visitor do for your family?

    • They can help you find out about being a parent.
    • They can help you find out about how your baby will grow and develop.
    • They can help you to have a safe, nurturing home for your children to grow up in.
    • They can teach you and your family different things about looking after baby (eg: sleeping, feeding, baby proofing the house).
    • They can help you to look for signs of postpartum depression and help you access support.
    • They can provide ideas about songs and games to play with your children.
    • They can build on your family’s strengths.
    • They can help you figure out goals to work towards for your family.
    • They can help you work toward’s achieving your family’s goals.
    • They can help you find and access other agencies, programs or resources that may help your family (eg: food bank).
    • They can help you find out about education, work ESL classes and other opportunities.
    • They can try to communicate with your family in your preferred languages.