Calgary Healthy Families Collaborative

The Calgary Healthy Families Collaborative (CHFC) promotes positive childhood outcomes, healthy child development, effective parenting skills and community connections through strength-based home visitation services. Home visitation is provided for newborns and very young children whose families are living in challenging circumstances. It is an intervention strategy considered to be most effective when it begins at the earliest possible time, preferable before or right after birth. CHFC begins work with families with newborns under 3 months of age.

The CHFC has developed a collaborative, regional home visitation program, known as the Calgary Healthy Families Program. It provides a network of comprehensive home visitation services based on the needs of families with children from birth to age six. This program is provided by six community agencies; Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, Children’s Cottage Society of Calgary, Closer to Home Community Services, Hull Child and Family Services, Pathways Community Services Association and Salvation Army Community Services (Calgary). Calgary Healthy Families  Program services 58 communities in Calgary, Airdrie and surrounding communities. Services are voluntary and the intervention strategies are based on the needs of the individual family.